10 Tips Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

You aren’t required by law to hire a divorce attorney to guide you through the divorce process. For example, an uncontested divorce without the complications of huge assets and custody issues can easily be settled without the help of a lawyer. However, if there is a bitterness or dishonesty in relations with your estranged spouse or if they have already hired a divorce attorney, you had best start searching now. If you decide to hire a divorce attorney, here are a few tips before you put a dent in your checkbook.

1. Hire a divorce attorney with a good reputation and experience in divorce litigation. Consult with friends, family, and other lawyers to get recommendations. Check your lawyers background for any possible misconduct or disciplinary actions by going to your state’s Bar Association.

2. Make sure your divorce attorney has experience in the court your case will be heard in. Familiarity with the courts and judge in your jurisdiction will give your divorce attorney instant credibility when he begins your hearing.

3. Hire a divorce attorney that is readily available and takes a pro-active attitude towards your case. You don’t want someone who is too busy to answer your calls and won’t fully answer your questions.

4. Look for a divorce attorney that specializes in the type of divorce situation you are in. Specialities include alimony, mediation, and child custody.

5. Arrive at your divorce attorney prepared with questions, notes and any necessary forms. You cannot expect your attorney to handle EVERY aspect of the case. This is your divorce and you will have to deal with certain facets of it.

6. Choose a divorce attorney who is attentive and easy to talk to. A good attorney will provide you with the proper knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

7. Before going to a divorce attorney, gather your financial papers, legal documents, and any other paperwork that pertains to your property ownership and money. You’ll have to disclose all your assets and earnings to the court and your divorce attorney will need copies of everything. You will save a lot of time, and billable hours, by having all the documents ready for your lawyer.

8. Be honest and truthful with your divorce attorney. Don’t exaggerate or minimize the circumstances surrounding your divorce. Your lawyer can’t do his job correctly without full knowledge of your case. Should anything you hid, such as assets or past behavior, come up during your hearing, it will definitely take a negative toll on your case.

9. Set realistic goals. Your divorce attorney is not here to punish your spouse and do your every bidding. They are working within boundaries set by law and, therefore, you cannot expect them to get every aspect of your divorce to end in your favor.

10. Finally, choose a lawyer you can afford. Ask about fees and make sure you understand your fiscal commitment. It will be embarassing if you cannot afford to pay your lawyer after the divorce process has started.

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Author: Nayem Hassan

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